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With nearly three decades of experience in the world of entrepreneurship, Amanda founded Visionary Business Coaching practice a decade ago, drawing inspiration from her journey that began when she opened her first coffee shop at the age of 18.

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Our Founder

Amanda Bouchard is not just a visionary business coach; she is a catalyst for transformation, a seasoned entrepreneur who walks the talk, and a compassionate guide on the path to business success.


For the past 10 years, Amanda has been dedicating her expertise to being a full-time business strategist, collaborating with exceptional business owners and authors. Her true passion lies in demystifying the world of entrepreneurship, unraveling its intricacies, and distilling its essence into understandable and actionable strategies. Amanda's fascination with business models drives her to create impactful blueprints that resonate with each client's unique journey.


Amanda's approach is rooted in helping her clients refine their business identity, align with their core values, and establish a crystal-clear understanding of their "why." Through meticulous processes such as crafting detailed client avatars and mapping customer journeys, Amanda crafts businesses that thrive. Her expertise extends to creating high-conversion websites that mirror the customer experience, a skill honed from her days as a web developer.


Beyond strategy and structure, Amanda offers something equally valuable – a compassionate ear and an experienced perspective. Having walked the entrepreneurial path herself, she understands the challenges and intricacies business owners face. Amanda's 90-minute sessions every two weeks are more than consultations; they're opportunities for her clients to tap into her wealth of experience, gain clarity, and connect with someone who genuinely understands.

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