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Visionary Business Coaching Program is a bi-weekly one on one workshop style coaching experience. Designed to run the course of a year it can also be broken into 2 quarters so 6 months at a time.


Although we do have a structured session guide (see below) as things come up in your business we encourage you to reach out as the strategy sessions can also be used for general business strategy and of course you can email us if anything comes up you'd like a second set of eyes on.

Once you have us we are in this together backing you any and every way we can.

​Business Development  

  1. Intro + Visioning 

  2. Client Avatar

  3. PVP Index

  4. Monetization Strategy

  5. Financially Reverse 5 Year Business Plan (2 x 90 min sessions)

  6. Customer Journey For Top 3 Products/Services

  7. Branding

  8. Refining Design *colours *concepts *emotions

  9. Community Marketing/Video Testimonials

  10. Brand Design Reveal *unlimited edits*

Bestseller Book Launch

+ Web Design 


​Everything Above Plus....

  1. Website Design/Redesign implementing the 3 Customer Journeys from the PVP 

  2. Automate Everything

  3. Product/Book Launch 4- 6 month Countdown

  4. Create Influencer Protocols

  5. Design Product/Book Sales Page

  6. Create Author Profiles

  7. Design Swipe Graphics

  8. Podcast Guesting + Custom Marketing Outreach Strategies

  9. Assist with self publishing/coordinate with publisher (we work in partnership)

  10. Launch including event planning and promotion

  11. Follow Up/Wrap Up or Vision the next year if the contract is rolling into a consecutive year 5% will be discounted. Our standard 10% on one time payment is an additional discount available to you.

A nice added touch? Our Sessions Are Recorded + Transcribed forming incredible, authentic social media video clips + quote posts!

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