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Entrepreneurs, Authors +  Influencers

"I was guided through a process that started with my long-term financial goals and worked backward to create a clear, step-by-step plan for achieving them. It was eye-opening to see my business's financial future mapped out so clearly. I now have a solid strategy to reach my financial targets, and I feel more in control of my business's financial health."
Dr. Lauren Casey  Renown International Coach
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What Sets Us Apart

At Visionary Business Coaching, we redefine business development with our unique and comprehensive approach. Here’s how we stand apart:

Detailed Visioning 

We delve deep into crafting a detailed five-year vision for your business, setting clear, long-term objectives. This meticulous planning is a cornerstone of our strategy, ensuring every decision propels you toward your goals.

Client Avatar Design

We go beyond simple demographics to understand your ideal client's deepest needs and aspirations. This depth of insight forms the foundation of a highly targeted and effective business strategy.

PVP Indexing


Our innovative approach evaluates your offerings on Personal Fulfillment, Value to the Marketplace, and Profitability, ensuring your business aligns with both market demands and your personal goals.

Reverse-Engineered Financials 

We strategically map out your financial future from a five-year vision to present-day actions, guiding consistent progress toward achieving your financial ambitions.

Community Marketing

Leveraging client testimonials and feedback, we employ a personalized strategy to build brand loyalty and attract new clients, enhancing your market presence.

Integrated Book Launches

Our unique specialization in book launches not only aims to achieve bestseller status but also uses your publication to attract new clients and establish your authority in the market.

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"Amanda helps guide you in a way that is step by step so your capacity for business management grows as you work with her. She's also a wonderful cheerleader, she sees where the beauty of your stories lie, capture those moments and showcases them to the world. Just look at my page!"

Sharifah Marsden, Anishinaabe Visual Artist + Designer
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